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StopDataMining.me is Featured on Lifehacker.com

Here at StopDataMining.me, we’ve been working hard to build tools that help consumers control the monetization of their private information. And now we’ve received coverage from the editors at Lifehacker.com!

In “The Top 50 Companies that Mine and Sell Your Data (and How to Opt Out)”, Lifehacker.com author Melanie Pinola compliments our efforts to build a central “data mining opt-out” resource for consumers, writing,

“We all know that our personal data is very valuable to marketers and other agencies—and that it’s collected and sold by data brokers. StopDataMining.me is a master list of opt-out links to stop these data brokers from collecting information about your online and offline activities.

The list is comprehensive. Hit up StopDataMining.me to get your personal information removed from these data resellers.”

StopDataMining.me is a centralized online portal for data brokers to (1) identify themselves to consumers and describe how they collect and use consumer data and (2) detail the access rights and other choices they provide with respect to the consumer data they maintain.

The Federal Trade Commission report “Data Brokers: A Call for Transparency and Accountability” discovered that data broker companies collect and store billions of data elements covering nearly every U.S. consumer. For example, a single data broker company, Acxiom, holds information on more than 1.4 billion consumer transactions and 700 billion data elements. In addition, Acxiom adds more than 3 billion new data points to its database each month.

“The extent of consumer profiling today means that data brokers often know as much – or even more – about us than our family and friends, including our online and in-store purchases, our political and religious affiliations, our income and socioeconomic status, and more,” said FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez. “It’s time to bring transparency and accountability to bear on this industry on behalf of consumers, many of whom are unaware that data brokers even exist.” To the extent data brokers currently offer consumers choices about their data, the choices are largely invisible and incomplete. Continue Reading →

If data mining is annoying, credit reporting is evil. We've been working hard to build a registry of all the "other" credit reporting agencies, as well as free tools to help people request their credit files and scores.

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