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“AT&T has really great customer insight on what kind of shows and media content you’re viewing, where you are, all kinds of information on you.”—AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson https://t.co/a27JNIJeDT

Attorney General of MA settled with advertising company using geofencing to target “abortion-minded women” sitting in waiting rooms at reproductive health clinics in NYC, Pittsburgh, Columbus & St. Louis. https://t.co/3Q80CmNMSr

3 month investigation by @mcclatchy into DNA testing company Ancestry “reveals a pattern of breached promises to customers, security concerns & inflated marketing pledges that could give consumers some pause.” https://t.co/nlqowKj42Q

RT @joshlauer: On the mythos of algorithmic neutrality & credit scoring creep: “As these systems become pervasive & scores come to stand fo…

If data mining is annoying, credit reporting is evil. We've been working hard to build a registry of all the "other" credit reporting agencies, as well as free tools to help people request their credit files and scores.

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