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Us: We can’t rent an apartment or get a job or open a bank account without a credit check. Them: In this White House, they “stopped the performing of credit checks for potential employees.” https://t.co/7QT9g764UP #fairness #credit

Episode 5 of the Breach podcast reveals the inside story of how Congress acted swiftly to punish Equifax, jail the greedy executives & send $500 to every American effected. https://t.co/qcXj53j7HZ #data #privacy #breach #AprilFoolsDay2019

Internet, meet Equifax’s newest credit bureau. Trying to rent a house or apartment? Equifax will happily contact your past landlords & employers. And Equifax can judge your ability to have housing with the “tenant scorecard.” https://t.co/dMmU5oVEZd https://t.co/YHRsYzrNFL

RT @JeanetteBeebe: Hundreds of companies track & make $ off of your “specialty” #data (#healthcare, autos), just like #Equifax. But it can…

RT @lorakolodny: If you crash a Tesla S/X or 3, the car will carry your personal data to the junk yard. Anyone who buys it, or the computer…

If data mining is annoying, credit reporting is evil. We've been working hard to build a registry of all the "other" credit reporting agencies, as well as free tools to help people request their credit files and scores.

Check it out at https://SpecialScores.com.