@danprimack @khart @FrankPasquale Lets ignore common knowledge no one ever actually understands before clicking. Affirm pulls dozens of credit reports on each user, including to collect debts. Also pulls reports in months AFTER user pays loan?! PS-forced arbitration, class-action ban & prohibition on private AG’s

Affirm, a start-up with a $2.9 BIL post-money valuation, relies on the extraction of personal & financial data from consumer credit reports. Affirm’s use of credit reports is exploitative. Maybe a cross-post in the Axios privacy series? cc @danprimack @khart @FrankPasquale https://t.co/ltsZMfCG2a

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If data mining is annoying, credit reporting is evil. We've been working hard to build a registry of all the "other" credit reporting agencies, as well as free tools to help people request their credit files and scores.

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